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Embracing “The Great Why”   Leave a comment

I’ve returned to blogging following a physical (weekend visit with the Western PA-wing of the family) and emotional (couldn’t move myself to write) hiatus. Today is the feast of St. Philomena, and I have prayed her Novena these nine days, each day with my husband, and today with the parish family of St. Philomena Catholic Church in our town. As I made my way to venerate her relic, I prayed that the teen aged martyr would help me to surrender: myself, my marriage, and my desires – all of it – to God. I prayed that if I cannot know why, that I can at least embrace this great why, and allow the Lord to do His work with me. So now here am I, trying so desperately to embrace this why, and to remember that I am not to attempt to do this on my own. I ask Philomena, who in her youth displayed a level of courage and strength of faith that leaves me in awe, to help me carry this fear I have, which is too heavy for me just now (and has recently become almost unbearably so), and lay it at the feet of the Lord. I need to lay this burden down because carrying it renders my hands too full to hold my Mother’s.

St. Philomena, powerful with God, pray for us!



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