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Long lost…   Leave a comment

Well, it has been a long time; a long time since my fingers tapped out my feelings, my musings, and even my grumblings. Even though I’ve been away, I haven’t stopped holding my Mother’s hand. That is, not entirely.

It’s been a hard year, and I’ll admit to slipping my hand out of Hers on occasion. Yet She keeps seeking me out. She never grabs my hand, or squeezes it too tightly. No, my Mother gently taps, lovingly caresses, and patiently waits. Eventually, I remember that I’m not as steady on my feet as when She’s holding me up and walking beside me.

So, here I am again. What will come from the tap, tap, tapping of the keys, I don’t really know. But it feels good to be back; and I’m pretty sure my Mother will continue to hold my hand.


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